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Since OpenERP 5.x from 2009 I’ve never got working “Trial balance” financial report. The very important fact is that I use “Swiss localization” (l18ch) from camp2camp. Swiss localization allows to create Swiss chart of accounts. However, for unknown reasons, many standard reports doesn’t work.

In this article I provide a simple fix for the “Trial balance” report, I have found after many hours of debugging and code studying…

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After migration on Ubuntu 14.04, many of us experienced a problem that OpenERP server cannot start. As it was described in our blog here, OpenERP 6.1 doesn’t work with pywebdav version 9.8. The main reason why it doesn’t work is described into “the credits” article and because the method of import pywebdav library is changed for version 9.8.

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It looks like there is a bug in python reportlib. In Ubuntu 14+, there is 3.x version of reportlib and several people report that it has several bugs, one of them is when we split strings in unicode.

In the link about there is a fix, which we can apply in order to get more stability in our installation.

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If you just download it from LaunchPad and place in addons directory following by adding new modules into the system, the attempt to add modules gives you a server crash code as follows:

File "/usr/share/openerp/osv/", line 875, in create_instance
  if not getattr(cls, '_original_module', None) and name == parent_model._name:
tributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute '_name

here I explain what can one do to fix the problem…

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The error message is not complete and sometimes misleading. In this article I explain my experience in fixing the issue.

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openerpAs we all know, OpenERP is very interesting system, but the quality and ability to migrate between versions are the big issue.

As many in the net, I would prefer to be independent rather than making payments for so called “support” and that was why I was looking my db migrations methods. Here I describe how I have done the task for migration from v.6.0.3. to v.6.1.

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Step-by-step guide how to install OpenERP Server version 6 with PostgreSQL 9 on Ubuntu 10.10 desktop / server OS.

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Problem statement

The article isn't finished yet, so if anybody interesting in getting the final version of the article before I find time to complete it, feel free to let me know by using our contact us form. Thank you in advance and my apologizes for any inconveniences.

It is known pain when you decided to move into new version of OpenERP but realized that you cannot due to incompatibility of DB(s) between versions.

The simple approach in such a case is to sign a support contract with OpenERP company as they will take care of the migration script but if you don't want to do so, there is another way but it mighty worth the support contract in some cases.

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