As you know, Windows 8 PRO comes with “Hyper-V” server as an option, so you can use it in order to get your hands on Ubuntu inside of your favorite Windows desktop. Here, I share our experience in “Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS” installation on my Windows 8 Pro x64 desktop.

First of all, you need to get ready your Hyper-V in the Windows 8. In order to get it, just enable it in :”Windows Features” dialog box, which you can get from “Programs and Features” window by clicking on the left side panel link:

and you get the dialog box as follows:



where you can enable “Hyper-V” option and click Ok.

As soon as the system installed the program, check in your BIOS, that virtualization is enabled for your processor.

Next step is to find the Hyper-V in Windows 8, to do so, just type Hyper-V into the start system of Windows 8 and you get the following:


and just hit enter to get the program running.

In the Hyper-V Manager, create new Virtual Machine, by selecting parameters as follows:

  1. RAM – 2Gb;
  2. HDD – 90Gb;
  3. The rest is by default;

But in order to get the network adapter working, you need to do the following (credits went to this post):

  1. In the Hyper-V Manager, go Action->Virtual Switch Manager:
  2. Select “External” and then “Create Virtual Switch”:
  3. Give the Switch a Name and then select the External Controller you use to connect to the internet (Ethernet, or Wireless NIC, etc,.)
  4. Select “Ok” or “Apply”.
  5. Select settings for your virtual machine and in the settings, select the “Network Adapter” where you are to select the switch you just created as follows:

By now, you can start the installation of Ubuntu, downloading previously the iso file from Don’t forget to choose the iso file: “Media->DVD Drive->Insert Disk…”, maybe you need to reset your victual machine right after the selection of the file and you get this screen:

imageAfter that you can follow the installation procedure, by using “Erase all disk and install Ubuntu” as a way to partition your virtual disk for the installation:

and your installation is on the course…


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