ODROID-X-X2-Interface-expansion-board-with-LCD-UART-I2C-SPI-ADC-GPIO-and-GPS-gyro_package-contentWe were looking for a solution which can be combined with ODRIOD-X2 computer. Our goal was to simplify the installation which means excluding monitor card and directly connect LCD LED panel with the computer. Additionally, we need to have GPS solution in order to know where our tables are located and address advertising accordingly.

Considering such requirements, a Chinese ODROID-X2 expansion board looks promotable.

Caution: This article doesn’t have any practical guide from me, this is just a container for images and common information from internet about the product. As soon as I get my hands on the product, I update the article.

Beside the fact the product looks good, one needs to prepare Android software to work with it.

The card layout


The card overview

The card backside is as follows:ODROID-X-X2-Interface-expansion-board-with-LCD-UART-I2C-SPI-ADC-GPIO-and-GPS-gyro_back-side

Overall discussion

A discussion concerning the product is here.

Custom kernel for the board

BTW, for anyone who is interested, matt from the discussion has set up a github repo for the ODROID kernels with modifications made to support this Chinese expansion board's LVDS chip. Right now only the odroid-3.0.y branch has any modifications committed, so do not try the 3.8.y kernel, yet (unless you are going to do the mods). Matt has done the necessary kernel editing on the git repo, but he still needs to test it and commit back to the github repo. You can clone this repo and follow mdrjr's kernel rebuild guide:

LVDS monitor support

Keep in mind that the Hardkernel LVDS board is selected in the kernel configuration by default! You should run "make odroidx2_ubuntu_mali_defconfig", then "make xconfig" (or menuconfig if you prefer) and then go to the drivers->graphics->framebuffer devices and switch from the Hardkernel LVDS board to the FLXODXEB Chinese expansion board. This enables the kernel changes required to properly initialize the Chinese expansion board's LVDS chip.

TO BE CONTINUED: As soon as I get the product, I update the article with a practice guide.

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