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Usage of web technologies enables creation of complex digital signage system quite fast. Usually, such system consist of several major blocks as follows:

Digital Signage System

The central administrative server is a website with additional data synchronization scripts. Usually, the server requires special hosting – VPS hosting as it might consume significant resources as well as it requires additional services, such as VPN server or others.

In case of player, the digital signage screen usually divided on several regions in each of which different information can be shown. The most popular blocks of information are as follows:

  • Weather;
  • Time / date;
  • Public transport timing;
  • Latest news (word / local / customer-specific);
  • Video and photo slideshow;
  • Video streaming;

Those blocks can be entitled widgets in some cases and in some systems.

Centralized management system

As it stated before, in well designed systems, always there is a central server, where all information, content , and player settings are stored. Usually, a special web interface can be created in order to simplify the change of content in each zone on each player.

It is often, when in order to simplify content management on many player / kiosk, central management system offers groups, spots and others entities. Those groups allows to manage a piece of information for the groups and the system distribute the change to all related players.

Monitoring and administration

It is possible to organize client server system so each screen / kiosk / player informs the central system about it's state. This type of information can be delivered upon needs of the system on timely basis.

However, nowadays IT administrator can use "generic" systems for remote system management and monitoring. There are several systems available on the market as follows:

  • LogmeIn
  • TeamViewer
  • etc

Traforma Labs uses hybrid approach for remote management, remote monitoring and remote administering of network.


Traforma Labs can offer to our customers the creation of fully fledged HTML5 system according to customers' needs.


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