Computer repair service

If your computer stop working or works unusual, contact us and after brief diagnostic we might help you.

As we well experienced in not only software development but in electronic circuit creation and repairing, we can carefully analyze problems with your computer and offer you the right solution in the right time.

We can offer you several services based on per hour rates, where our rates starts from 85CHF per hour.

According to our experience, in Switzerland, many computers considered as dead because of dead power supply or simply because of weak hardware (not enough RAM or HDD) or failed software. In such cases, we can easily repair your computer at small cost and we can offer you affordable upgrade options.

Hereby are the following services we might offer:

  • Computer hardware repair - in case it can be easily repaired (additional analysis is required)
  • Computer software repair:
    • Repair your operating system - Windows, Mac X OS, Linux;
    • Reinstalling your operating system - Windows, Mac X OS, Linux;
    • Installation and configuring licensed software;
    • Installing "must have" open source software according to your needs (primarily for Windows);
    • Repair computer in case it infected by virus, spyware or any other non wanted ware;
  • Configuring and installing your home network;
  • Offer purchasing of hardware options with affordable price;
  • Offer purchasing of licensed software with affordable price;
  • Building and configuring custom computer according to your needs;
  • Consulting service:
    • We can show you most of those consumer technologies you can use at home, such as:
      • NAS,
      • Network Media player,
      • Home Theater PC,
      • Large LCD attached to HTPC,
      • home servers,
      • and more...
    • We can help you with the choice of computer for home, work, travel;
    • We can help you with the choice of the software you might need for your work;
    • And after all of such a help, we can help you to buy hardware and software at affordable price;
    • Business automation services:
      • We can offer you business automation based on OpenERP system as we use it for all our business automation;
      • Website creation - you can find more details about the service at Websites creation section;
      • We can integrate your website with your backoffice;

    Please contact us today to fix an appointment or simply let us know about the problem you have and we return to you back as soon as we can.

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Our mission is to fill the gap between modern technologies and real life experience.

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Together with our customers gain in revenue and business efficiency by using cutting-edge technologies.

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