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Thursday, 20 August 2015 01:20

All our turn-key solutions enable central cloud based content management systems.

Offering our solutions and platforms, we always offer our help and service to manage content, which is shown on all our devices.

Interactive kiosks with Directorix(tm) - is a new digital communication and navigation platform for large public facilities.

Directorix video gallery

Monday, 04 April 2011 20:56
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Although the video demonstration of Directorixtm interactive wayfinding solution has been made with Friendlyway Arctic 32 kiosk, you can also review a full list of indoor kiosks as well as outdoor models. Some of them are available for immediate installation along with interactive solutions from Traforma Labs.

Directorix Screenshots

Wednesday, 30 March 2011 18:05

Directorix(tm) functionality screenshots

Directorix(tm) - Main screen of the system in waiting state   Directorix(tm) - Category browse mode
Directorix(tm) in waiting mode: when no one uses the system, it shows big banner and map   Directorix(tm), category mode: small banners on the top of the screen; list of categories for map objects in the middle and map follows.
Note: List of categories is defined by system administrator and each object on map can be linked with one or more category from the list.
Directorix(tm) - Alphabet index mode   Directorix(tm) - Search by keywords mode
Directorix(tm), in alphabet index mode: one can find object on map by touching the object name first character   Search by keywords: one can type keyword by using virtual keyboard on all languages the system supports, and system retrieves a listr of map objects with the specified keyword
Directorix(tm) - Special offers mode   Directorix(tm) - Object details page
Special offers mode: system supports special mode called "special offers" with a list of offers available in the system    Map object details page: In case object on the map is a shop, one can get information about the shop, which usually contains information as follows - Shop name, up tp 2 images, a logo, shop description, working hours, contact details
Directorix(tm) - Language switch mode   Directorix(tm) - Wayfinding mode
Language selection mode: System supports as many languages as administrator setup   How to get there animation: each map object details page contains "where" button which leads the system to draw dynamically path from the point where kiosk is installed to the object on map, which has been chosen by map touch or from any search functionality

You can also review a full list of indoor kiosks as well as outdoor models. Some of them are available for immediate installation along with interactive solutions from Traforma Labs.

Directorix(tm) with kiosk - free of charge
If you are owner of public facilities (shopping centers, hotel, exhibitions, public events such as Montreux Jazz Festival, railway station, tourism center/office, or any other), LiatOss offers you an unique solution - Interactive kiosk + Directorixtm software with the best on the market price - 0 CHF. Yes, we don't ask you to buy the solution, we offer you an opportunity to use it together with us and the most important fact, you pay nothing to get it working.


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