Usually website development consist of several phases as follows:

  1. Project start;
  2. Analysis;
  3. Deposit;
  4. Development;
  5. User acceptance and testing;
  6. Deployment;
  7. Project closure;

Traforma Labs Website Development CycleHere we explain each activity in details.

Project start


Fixing project goals and deliverables


During this phase you deliver to us your vision and understanding of what you need. You can write a short document, give us a call, or simply collect different packages and bundles on our site according to your needs.

Considering strict limitations of each package you can enlarge borders by increasing number of packages for particularly needs. For example, if you plan to publish more than 10 articles, simply purchase 2 "Joomla Publisher" package by increasing the number of packages in the details page.

Once you added all packages or/and bundles, simply go into the shopping cart and finilize the order. At the end of the process, you get your order with a full list of packages or/and bundles and by this you accomplished your first step.



Aligning expectations from both sides.


Communications are the second step. We contact you for more information about your web site. We request your logo image, article texts and any prerequisites you might have. Please send us by e-mail your logo, images and texts in electronic form and relax while we create your web site and send you a link for a draft website.
If you don't have your logo, images and texts, please contact us in advance and we give you our quotes in digitizing your materials for the website. In such a case, you have to send us by post your materials (please use our "Contact Us" form).

Additionally before we start, we need information about your web hosting account in order to confirm that technologies and methods we use for the website development are supported by your hosting provider.

Having everything at hands, we can confirm your quotes or propose changes to your original estimations. We are to agree about the final price tag and deliverable.



Formal confirmation for the agreement of the analysis phase


For different reasons, after the analysis phase, you might want to continue your website development with other company or even by yourself. In such a case, we require 25% deposit of the agreed price tag as the cost of our work.

In case you continue with us, we require 50% deposit as a formal confirmation of our agreement in the analysis phase.

Once we get a payment, we start our development work. As a part of the analysis phase, we even might create a website prototype that can be used further.



Create a website according to your requirements


During the development phase, we might request your approval for several changes we might faced with due to technical limitations or improving usability of the website. For all website work we can offer up to 3 variants of website during the whole development cycle for packages and bundles prices but we deliver to you the final result only.

User acceptance and testing


Deliver and approve the result of the development phase


We show you your website as a prototype in order to get your approval for our development work. During this phase we can change what we developed in accordance the agreement we reached at analysis phase and even more, we might change anything on the site according to your need or new understanding if it is not exceeded more than 50% of all development budget.



Roll out your website on your hosting account


When all development activities are done and we get your acceptance, we require your web hosting account details in order to deploy the website and setup and check security settings.

Project closure


Making final payment, providing trainings, documentation and archiving all art-work and source code


Trainings are an example of a closure activity. As archiving process, we deliver to you all art-work, documentations and provide trainings if needed.

Usually, we deliver everything by electronic way but in addition, we can create a dvd with all art-work, documents and the website source code sending by post. Please contact us in case you need such a dvd.

And finally, we send you a final invoice for 50% of our work.

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