An interactive kiosk is a computer terminal featuring specialized hardware and software designed within a public exhibit that provides access to information and applications for communication, commerce, entertainment, and education.

Early interactive kiosks sometimes resembled telephone booths, but can also be used while sitting on a bench or chair. Interactive kiosks are typically placed in high foot traffic settings such as hotel lobbies or airports.

Integration of technology allows kiosks to perform a wide range of functions, evolving into self-service kiosks. For example, kiosks may enable users to enter a public utility bill account number in order to perform an online transaction, or collect cash in exchange for merchandise. Customized components such as coin hoppers, bill acceptors, card readers and thermal printers enable kiosks to meet the owner's specialized needs.

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We offer high-quality interactive kiosks on the market. In order to satisfy our customers and deliver high-quality products, we established strategic partnership with leading kiosk manufacturers in Europe such as Friendlyway AG, KT Group, KSI, and others.

We create a separate e-store which is focused on products for business, where you can find all available in stock products which are proposed by us or our partners. The e-store is SKU Box.

But we keep some kiosks images and description on our site just to keep you informed about trends and available options. You can have a look at our local catalog and select product which suits you best.



"Traforma Labs BigPad 1" is our top indoor luxury product

We proud to offer to our customers a unique kiosk that has been developed in cooperation with Russian kiosk manufacturer KSI and our strategic software solution provider for kiosks, Initium Ltd.
The product is a unique one on the market not mention the fact that it has a glass front panel which can be painted near in any color you would imagine with any image or text on the front panel of the kiosk.
Please check images of the kiosk below or Contact Us to fix a rendezvous for presentation.


You can read about product specifications and look at more photos of the product here:


Luxury Indoor kiosk BigPad 1 specifications

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