Know2Buy is a cutting age native application for Windows 7 and later operating systems, which is touch friendly and well adopted for interactive kiosks hardware.
There are almost 15 years behind the day, when project members started the development of the platform. It is not a secret, that at the beginning, e-catalog software couldn't survive because there was a lack of product information.

Know2Buy today is a complex n-tires software with central management web server as an administrative system, with local cache servers if there are many buildings under the Know2Buy service and many connectors with existing software for catalog management.

Our experience shows, that having just a kiosk with Know2Buy platform at small retail store, increases it monthly revenue up to 15%.

There were several store chains which adopted the platform for their needs and based on such an experience we can say it works!

Platform Highlights

Ready to Use Product Catalog

Where you have web site or offline product catalog, we can help you integrate available product data into Know2Buy system, which starts works immediately after data are prepared.

Interactive Featured Products

You can always offer products in your catalog in rich way by showing banners or video advertizing on the screen, which is interactive - clicking on it opens product page or any specific page.

Product Comparison

The system offer flexible and convenient way to compare different products in the same product category

Product Search & Filter

The platform offers several ways to find required product. It starts from top category selection. After that user deals with wizard like questioner, which decreases number of products in the list. User can return back to filter any time in order to update search criterion.


Each product has a list of linked accessories, which makes the final choice easier and help retail stores sales more accessories than it is in difficult economical time.

Rich Media

Native Windows application enables showing and presenting products in rich way. Whatever you have for your products - 3D model, video, photo, we can integrate it into the system and provide convenient way to use it. System supports photo gallery and video presentation by default for any product.

Cross Selling

Know2Buy is very powerful platform for retail sales as it not only helps to sell products via e-catalog, but can offer recommendations for similar products too. Such a functionality is entitles cross-sell.

Sales Team Motivation

Interactive Kno2Buy platform allows to track sales team activity and effectiveness. In the same time, the platform cannot be used without sales man involving at the beginning and thus it is powerful tool which helps gain in efficiency the sales team.

Feedback and Social Medias

Native Windows application enables feedback form for each product or as a general functionality. The feedback form allows retail shop owners gain in efficiency and fix problems based on customer feedback.

Delivery and Picking Up

The system is set up according to retail shop business processes and it can not only offering delivery methods supporting by shop but can offer new, such as delivery at home or partner retail store.

Reports & Statistics

All activities with the platform are logged and the platform provides typical reports available in administrative zone instantly.

New Communications

The platform can be integrated with retail shop communication system and thus allows client ask for human help in case of necessity.

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Our mission is to fill the gap between modern technologies and real life experience.

Our Goal

Together with our customers gain in revenue and business efficiency by using cutting-edge technologies.

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