Without accurate stocks management there is no profitable business.

"Stop losing your money and start with everyday management of your stocks" – this is an advice from many experienced caterers who have lost a lot of money in practice due to inaccurate and non-updated stocks management. This is the proper way to acquire maximum profit from your business.

Manage your stocks and focus on making of value through stocks operation

The only way to establish rules is to define processes and procedures for stocks.

Enter goods in stocks

Enter goods in stocks

A precondition for efficient stocks management is everyday debiting of received goods from suppliers with the purchase price and correct quantity.

Stock review

Stock review

Important part of your business operations can be done through quick review of the status of goods with indicated quantities and financial purchase price.

Make corrections of stocks

Make corrections of stocks

When you determine a discrepancy between the physical status of goods and goods managed by POS Sector, it is necessary to make corrections of stocks or inventory of goods. With POS Sector do it easily.

Set the stockroom from which goods are to be withdrawn

Set the stockroom

POS Sector is adapted to work with several different stockrooms. For easier inventory control for each category of items can be defined a different stockroom from which goods will be withdrawn.

Monitor procurement of goods per suppliers

Monitor procurement

Monitor procurement of goods per suppliers, recognize differences in prices and react in time. In this way, you can save a lot of money only on differences in prices.

Change mistakes made during entering of measurement units

>Change mistakes

After reviewing all goods with clearly defined ingredients, change the previously incorrectly entered measurement units for each good individually.

A solution that significantly improves business operation and reduce costs for quick and visible effects

Identify and increase the supply of goods

Identify and increase the supply of goods whose sales have increased and provide sufficient quantities of it.

Detect dead stocks

Detect "dead" stocks in early phase when they are still sold – but in reduced quantities, so they do not become expenses later on.

Define reserve stocks

Define reserve stocks for each good on basis of availability and sales.

Constantly control the stocks

Constantly control the stocks and compare it with foreseen strategy and policy of stocks management.

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