Product Background

CNET Content Solutions - DataSourceThe product has been designed in participation of former members of CNET Content Solutions engineering team. At CNET Channels we created, supported and extended the in-house content management system in which a factory processes, distributes on daily base content for more than 4000 over the world on more than 16 languages.

Principles which were used for CNET Channel Content solutions in-house software have been elaborated in "Extra.RU" project back in 2000. At that time the Extra.RU team created a web system, which enables collection, processing and distribution via web services product description for over 20 major consumer categories, including IT, photo-video, white goods, construction services, clothes and more. Together with Microsoft, Intel and Russian leaders of business automation software 1C and we created CommerceML and since that time 1C software's got XML data exchange system.

Since that time we are working to fill the gap between real life and Internet technologies by providing familiar for user with Internet usage habits the unique and convenient user.

Modern shopping = informed choice

Nowadays, people have habit to use Internet at home and "on the go" to make an informed decision.

Online retails offer affordable prices and thus they compete with retail stores. As result, Internet shopping is growing but retail stores are getting hard time to survive.

This is why and where Know2Buy comes on the scene!
Know2Buy is a smart retails solution. While it enables wide choice, flexible time based and location based offers, it still offers "to see", "to touch", and "to feel" the product. Thus Know2Buy platform combines strong business sides of retails and e-tail businesses.

About Us

Out Mission

Our mission is to fill the gap between modern technologies and real life experience.

Our Goal

Together with our customers gain in revenue and business efficiency by using cutting-edge technologies.

Payment Methods

We are using secure Paypal & Money-bookers payment method as well as wire transfer. You can pay directly form your Credit Card via Moneybookers or Paypal and NEVER store your card information on our site

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Phone : +41 (21) 522.07.20