Computer Repair & Upgrade Service

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If you computer stop working or slow down, ask Traforma Labs and we can give you an advice what you can replace or change in order to speed up your computer or get it back working.

Computer Upgrade Service

Nowadays it is not so rare when we buy computer - it works like a charm, but after several months it dramatically slows down. In most cases the reason is very simple and replacing one component can dramatically change the user experience.

Don't forget that last several years, the performance of central processors doesn't gain dramatically, so don't buy new computer because you think that the new one must be much faster - ask Traforma Labs and we might give you better alternative.

Computer Repair Service

If you computer stop working - contact us, we work with computer elements (motherboards, video cards, processors etc) and with vendors across the globe - we always can find a solution which is better for you.

Computer Repair & Upgrade Service

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